150g Towgay (bean sprouts)

1 tsp Sugar

4 drops Sesame oil

1/4 Prawn stock cube

1 Egg beaten

1 hand-full Chives chopped

4 Banana prawns chopped

150g Minced pork

2 Red chillies chopped

1 tsp Fish sauce

1 shake White pepper

1.5 tbsp Rice flour

1 shake Belacan powder

1 hand-full Leek chopped

6 Spring roll wrappers

Salt to taste

Oil to fry in frypan


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Put the stock cube in a bowl and crush it



Add pork and leek



Add towgay and chilli



Add salt



Add fish sauce



Add sugar



Add sesame oil



Add pepper



Add rice flour



Add belacan



Add chives



Add half the egg and mix everything together well



Peel spring roll wrappers one at a time (if the wrappers are a bit dry you can spray lightly with water first)



Spoon the mixture on to the wrapper in a triangle shape leaving an edge to fold over



Fold the wrapper into a triangle and seal the edges with by moistening with the remaining beaten egg



Put cooking oil in a frypan on medium heat



Fry until crisp and golden



Eat as is or cut into smaller pieces if preferred.





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