Rice and noodles are to Asian people what potatoes are in the west. They are our staple diet and there is an endless variety of dishes to accompany them.

Fried Rice : Probably one of the best known Asian dishes in the world and cooked in a variety of different styles. I use pork lard to give this dish a really authentic taste.

Pork Congee : Congee is basically overcooked rice in a soupy mixture. It is very popular in Malaysia but as the texture is a bit unusual it may be an acquired taste in Australia.

5 Spice Glutinous Rice : An incredibly delicious mixture of spices and sauces with dried mushrooms, pork and prawns are combined to make a real taste sensation.

Nasi Lemak : Tired of plain old boiled rice? Coconut rice is an interesting alternative and it is easy to prepare.

Roti : This is an Indian flat bread that is used as a base for many dishes. It goes especially well with any sort of curry or sambal.

Fried Rice with dried squid and fish : There are a number of different recipes you can do with fried rice, this is one of the more daring ones. Try it if you are brave enough.

Pineapple Rice : A Thai rice dish that combines chilli, fish sauce and lime for a tangy spicy dish.

Bak Chang Rice : Normally bak chang are wrapped in bamboo leaves but this method uses a metal bowl as it is much easier to make.

Pork & Lap Cheong Congee : There is an endless variety of ways of cooking congee (rice porridge). This is a slightly more complicated (and therefore more tasty) version.
Thai Fried Rice : My version of the Thai version of fried rice.
Yam Puffs : Ok so it isn't bread or rice but it is a bit hard to find a category for this recipe. It is basically a filling put inside an outer coating of yam or taro and deep fried. A bit of effort required to make these.
Yang Chou Fried Rice : This fried rice is very different tasting to my normal version. It is a little more work but I am sure you will agree that it is worth the effort.


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