Pork is not the most widely used meat in Malaysia as the majority of the population is Moslem. It is very widely used in the Chinese community.

Char Siew : Also called Chinese BBQ pork. This is a semi-sweet dish that is usually served on a bed of white boiled rice. If you have access to a charcoal grill then cooking over charcoal will add extra authenticity.

Pork Patties : These are simple fried pork patties that can be used as a main meat dish with vegetables and rice or they can be added to soup dishes like the pork noodle soup below.

Pork Noodle Soup : A rather complicated dish to prepare but well worth the effort. In order to make this dish you also need to see the Pork Patties recipe and the Fish Balls Recipe.

5 Spice Pork : A simple dish that utilizes a uniquely Chinese flavour. 5 spice is a mix of star anise, cinnamon, bay leaf, coriander and all spice. The trick in getting the proportions of these spices right so buying pre-prepared is best.

Sweet & Sour Pork : Another standard Chinese dish that unfortunately in many Australian Chinese restaurants is little but batter and tiny bits of pork in a thin red sauce. This recipe will show you what it should taste like.

Pork with Black Bean : Black beans impart an unusual flavour that is used with both pork and beef recipes.

Thai Style Pork : Another Thai inspired dish that combines Kaffir lime, lemon grass and chilli in a very simple but tasty meal.

Steamed Pork with Salted Fish : Salted fish is a pungent smelling preparation of oil and fish that can be an acquired taste. This dish may be for the more adventurous but it delivers real taste.

5 Spice pork with Gravy : A very different dish to the one above. This one is cooked with vegetables and oyster sauce. do not be tempted to over do to 5 spice in this dish as a subtle flavour is what is needed.

Pork with Woodear & Bean Curd : This dish uses a couple of unusual ingredients. The first is woodear fungus and the second is fermented bean curd. It takes a while to prepare but it is very tasty and satisfying.

Pepper Pork with Mushrooms : Pepper Beef is a more widely used recipe but pepper with pork works very well.

Pork with Tofu : Pork and mushroom is cooked in a sauce and then poured over soft Tofu. The Tofu texture is soft and smooth whereas the pork and mushroom is more robust.

Pork with 5 Spice and Mushroom : Mushrooms are the main feature of this dish and it is important to use belly pork as it softens to the right texture once it has been cooked properly.

Lettuce Parcels : This is more of a snack food than a main dish but it is very tasty and comes under the heading of ?finger food?.

Spring Rolls (Penang Lobak) : Crisp tasty packages of pork and vegetables deep fried and great for a snack or as part of a main meal menu.

Wonton : Another favourite snack food. Wontons can be deep fried or steamed and may be served as part of a dim sum meal. They are even sometimes put into wonton soup.

Pork Curry : A rich delicious blend of spices and coconut milk makes this a must try dish. You can modify how hot it is by changing the amount of chilli powder.

Bean & Chilli Pork Ribs : Soy bean sauce makes this dish memorable. It is an unusual flavour and a bit salty but the combination of flavours is quite unique.

Pig tongue : Few people in western countries eat offal these days but in Malaysia these more unusual cuts are still very popular.

Tung Choy : Steamed pork with preserved vegetables. Simple, easy and tasty, what more can I say.

Pork Soup : Simple and rather plain, this makes a big pot of healthy, hearty soup. Although this is not the most exotic of dishes, soups or stews like this are quite common in Malaysia.

Chinese Stewed Pork : This is a home made version of pork that is often sold in a can. It is one of the few dishes that uses quite a lot of Shao xing wine.

Pork with Preserved Mustard : The preserved mustard greens give this dish a very unusual flavour. It is a dish made with a sauce and takes about an hour to cook.

Ham Choy Pork : This is another dish using mustard greens but his is pickled rather than dried as in the dish above. Ham choy (or choi) means salty vegetable).

Pork & Tomato Sambal : A deliciously zingy side dish that is sweet and sour. This is a Malay style dish and is easy and quick to prepare.

Lemon Grass Pork : A simple tasty pork dish that is a bit hot and spicy. The pork is dry fried so it goes well with a vegetable dish that has some sauce.

Spring Rolls with Pork : A snack treat that may take a while to prepare but is great to eat.

Pork and Pumpkin Curry : A tasty dish with a creamy coconut sauce that can use either pumpkin or sweet potato.

Pork with Cha Choi : Cha choi is a preserved vegetable that can vary in saltiness and quality. I recommend trying to find a type that is made in Malaysia not China.

Braised Pork with Bean Curd : This dish takes quite a long time to make but you can make a lot at the same time and use it over more than one day.

Wooster Pork : Tasty and tangy, this recipe uses fermented bean curd and Worcestershire sauce (called Wooster by those who don't want to pronounce the whole name).

Masala Pork : An Indian inspired dish with an unusual combination of ingredients. It is quite a tangy tasting dish.

Black Vinegar Pork : This is a dish for those who like unusual flavours. The black vinegar makes the dish sour but don't let that put you off as it does taste really good.

Easy 'Roast' Pork : Chinese roast pork is a complicated dish to make so I have come up with an easy version that is almost as good.

Hot & Sour Soup : Don't let the name put you off. This is a very tasty, if somewhat unusual dish. Some people are not keen on the taste of bamboo shoots, try Pandaroo brand they are not so strong.

Bak Kwa (Pork Jerky) : This is a very popular Chinese dried meat dish and we are still trying to perfect it. The recipe here is the best we have come up with so far.

Pork & Prawn triangles : This is a snack dish that can be used as a light lunch.

Pork & Tofu Pok : Tofu pok is pre-fried tofu. This dish is more like a stew as it contains quite a lot of liquid.

Steamed Pumpkin & Pork : Very tasty, a bit salty and not the most simple dish to make but it is quite different and worth the effort.

Cincalok Pork : Cincalok (pronounced chin-cha-lok) is a shrimp sauce with a strong smell and taste. This dish is not for those who like plain food.

Ginger Pork : This dish really packs a punch! It is loader with ginger and black vinegar so it is for those with a more adventurous palette.

Pork with Egg : Crumbly 'melt in the mouth' pieces of pork with whole hard boiled eggs and some tofu for texture.

Pork and Mushroom Tofu : Pork with mushroom in a tasty sauce spooned over deep fried creamy tofu.
Pork and Mushroom Curry : Well if you think mushrooms and curry are not the best bedfellows then give this recipe a try. I bet you will be surprised.
Nonya Style Pork : A tasty and rather tangy dish that requires the pork to be double cooked.
Siu Mai : Pork dumplings are a dim sum favourite. Getting the correct skins to put them in is a problem so here I have used gyoza skins instead.


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