300g Wai Wai rice noodles
9 large Prawns shelled and cleaned then chopped
3 cloves Garlic finely chopped
1 Onion sliced
1/2 Ikan bilis stock cube (Knorr brand) or chicken stock cube
2 tbsp Cooking oil
150g Pork chopped into small pieces
2 tsp Chilli powder
1 tbsp White vinegar
1 tbsp Sweet soya sauce
Salt and sugar to taste

1 tbsp Soya sauce
1 tsp Sugar


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Soak the noodles in water until they begin to soften. Once they are a bit soft drain them and keep them in a container until they are needed.



Place oil in a wok or frypan and heat



Add garlic and fry until fragrant



Add ikan bilis stock cube and break it up into powder



Add the onion and cook until it starts to soften



Add the pork and fry until it starts to brown



Add the prawns



Add salt



Add sugar



Add chili powder and stir in well



Add the vinegar



Add the noodles



Add the sweet soya sauce and stir into the noodles until they become brown



Use a pair of forks to mix the noodles thoroughly





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