Chicken is a cross cultural dish in Malaysia although the styles of cooking vary from one ethnic group to another.

Oyster Chicken : Packed with flavour this dish uses oyster sauce and ginger to give it a unique flavour.

Chilli Chicken : Some like it hot, some like it not. Choose the level of heat you like in any dish by simply addling or reducing the amount of chilli powder.

Paper Wrapped Chicken : This is an unusual dish that uses greaseproof paper to wrap the marinated chicken pieces before they are deep fried. Wrapping the chicken in this way helps to keep it moist while the frying takes place.

Marinated Chicken Wings : This dish can have a number of different marinades. I have included two with the recipe.

Chicken Curry : A rich full flavoured curry with the addition of coconut cream. It is spicy without being hot (unless of course you like it hot then just add some chilli.)

Mamak Fried Chicken : In Malaysia the mamak stalls are often open 24 hours. They are Muslim Indian food outlets that sell a variety of delicious dishes. This is my version of mamak fried chicken.

Satay : The smell of satay cooking over charcoal while you are walking through the pasar malam is one of the enduring memories for anyone who has been to Malaysia. Now you can make your own at home.

Basil Chicken : This dish is best if you can use fresh basil leaves. Basil is easy to grow in most places so this shouldn't be a problem for most people.

Tung Po Chicken : Not the simplest dish to prepare but the nutty flavours of cashews and sesame oil make this a favourite chicken recipe.

Chicken Kapitan :  An unusual chicken curry that includes tamarind and lemon grass. If goes particularly well with nasi lemak.

Spicy Macaroni : This is a bit of an acquired taste for some people and it is usually quite a lot hotter (chilli hot) than I have made it here.

Satay Drumsticks : Great tasting method of making satay chicken without as much effort as using satay sticks.

Salty Chicken : A simple steamed chicken dish that combines Chinese rice wine, ginger, garlic and sesame.

Clay Pot Chicken : This is clay pot chicken without the clay pot. This simplified method uses a standard rice cooker to make the entire dish.

Thainese Chicken : A fusion of Thai and Chinese flavours gives this chicken dish a hot spicy flavour and a bit of a bite.

Tomato Chicken : This dish is one of my experimental dishes that you are unlikely to find in any other cookbook. It worked out well so give it a try.

Tamarind Chicken : A tangy dish that relies on tamarind and vinegar plus a hit of chilli to give it some real punch.

Szechwan Chicken with Spring Onion : Is this a vegetable dish with some meat or a meat dish with some vegetable, hard to work out but I put it under chicken recipes anyway :)

Vegetarian Chicken : No this isn't a chicken that eats vegetables its actually tofu chicken substitute and believe it or not it tastes pretty good.

Spicy Tomato Chicken : This dish is packed with flavour and is easy to make. It is even quite a healthy dish, what more could you want?

Coconut Chicken Curry : This dish is for those who like curries but aren't keen on chili. This is a creamy delicious dish without the heat people usually associate with curry.

Chicken & Sugar Snaps : A more complicated dish as it involves quite a few ingredients including gluten - something not always readily available in the shops. Don't worry if you can't get it, the dish will still be fine.

Szechuan Chicken : This is my own take on this well known dish. Like most of the recipes I do, this one is a bit different from the standard.
Chicken and Shallots : A quick and easy dish that goes well with a variety of vegetable dishes.
Chicken with Potato and Soy Paste : Soy paste is a salty fermented soya bean paste that comes in glass jars. It produces a tasty, tangy dish.
Chicken and Almonds : This is a well known dish with quite a few different variations. This one is more original than many in cook books.


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