This recipe makes enough for about 6-8 people.




3 large Chinese cabbage (wombok) leaves cut into large pieces.

50g Dried sweet bean curd sheets

70g Dried bean curd

50g Glass noodles (vermicelli)

10g Small woodear fungus

3/4 Onion chopped finely

12 Chinese dried mushrooms

25 Dried red dates (seeded and cut up)

6 Red bean sauce (cubes)

80g Ginko nuts (cubes)

20g Golden needles (Lilly buds)

190g Button mushrooms (small can)

400g Straw mushrooms (1 can)

4 tsp Sugar

1/2 tsp MSG (optional)

1/2 tsp Salt

3 cups water

Cooking oil to deep fry


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Soak the Chinese dried mushrooms in hot water until soft. Remove the mushrooms and keep the water until needed.



In a separate bowl soak the woodear fungus until soft. Discard the water when ready.



Remove the hard ends from the golden needles and tie a loose knot in the middle of each straw.



Collect all your ingredients together on plates to make cooking the dish easier



Heat oil in a wok



When the oil is hot add the dried bean curd a few pieces at a time



and after a few seconds remove it and place on a plate.



Remove about 2/3 of the oil from the wok



Add the onion and fry until it starts to brown



Add the red dates



Add the golden needles



Add the Chinese mushrooms



Add the ginko nuts



Add the woodear fungus



Stir the ingredients well



Add the drained canned mushrooms



Add the red bean sauce (cubes)



Add the Chinese cabbage and mix in well



Add salt



Add sugar



Add the mushroom water you put aside earlier



Cook until the cabbage starts to soften and then add the fried bean curd



Add 2 cups of water



Break apart the glass noodles and add mixing in well



Cook covered for about 5 minutes



Add MSG (optional)



Now trnsfer everything from the wok to a large saucepan



Cook on low heat for about 30 minutes. (If it looks too dry add an extra cup of water at this stage.)



Serve with boiled rice.






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