18 large Banana prawns

2 tbsp Butter (salted)

2 Egg yolks beaten slightly

2 dried Birds eye chillies sliced

1 Red fresh chilli sliced

15 Curry leaves (fresh or dried)

1 tsp Sugar

1 pinch MSG (optional)

1 cup Cooking oil

Salt to taste


Curry leaves


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Cut the front part of the prawn heads off but do not remove the entire head



Put 1/4 tsp of salt over the prawns and mix in. Leave in a bowl until needed.



Put the cooking oil in a fry pan and put on high heat.



When the pan is good and hot add the prawns and stir fry until they are cooked



Remove the prawns and put aside. Drain the oil and put the pan back onto the cooking element.



Add the butter



Using a spoon drizzle the egg yolk around the pan so that it becomes a series of thin streaks on the pan.



Add the chillies



Add the curry leaves (try and get fresh curry leaves if you can)



Return the cooked prawns to the pan and stir around briefly



Add the sugar



Add MSG (optional)



Serve on boiled rice with your favourite vegetable dish





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