Beef is not a meat I use very often so, like mutton I don't have much to add to this section.

Satay : The smell of satay cooking over charcoal while you are walking through the pasar malam is one of the enduring memories for anyone who has been to Malaysia. Now you can make your own at home.

BBQ Coffee Ribs : Yes, you read correctly, there is actually some instant coffee in this recipe. There is a bit of work involved as you need to BBQ the ribs then cook them in a pan with the sauce.

Beef Curry : Hot and spicy Indian style beef curry, just right to eat with Dhal and roti.

Pepper Beef : One of the quickest dishes I know how to prepare (if you ignore the marinating time that is).

Tangy Beef : If you are looking for an unusual flavour then this is the recipe for you. Kaffir lime, fish sauce, coconut milk and kecap manis combine to give this Thai inspired dish a very different taste.

Beef Rendang : We have been trying to perfect this recipe for a while and have finally got a version that tastes a lot like real Malaysian rendang.

Beef with Red Curry Paste : A Thai inspired dish that is quick and easy to make if you buy the red curry paste pre-made. I used Mae Ploy Red Curry Paste.
Szechuan Beef : My own take on this well known recipe. Easy to make and tasty!
Fennel Beef : This is one of my experimental dishes. Sometimes they work out well other times they don't. This turned out to be one of the better ones.
Serunding Lembu (Beef) : Coconut, beef, lemon grass and tamarind make this a very tasty dish. Add a bit of chilli and you get a dish that bites back.
Beef Tomchi : Well I made up the name because it is beef cooked with tomato and chilli. It is tasty, tangy and very delicious. It is a bit of a western-eastern cross-over dish.


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